Mobile Compatibility for Websites & Eshots

You probably know what happens if you open a marketing email designed for a laptop on your mobile. It’s way too wide, or the text, images and links are too small, it’s basically illegible or unnavigable.

If you unsubscribe straight away, you’re one of 30% who do the same. While the other 70% simply delete the email.

That’s not good for business!

Responsive (RWD) and Adaptive (AWD) techniques are well-established for configuring websites for smartphones, and now it’s the turn of html email.  If you don’t know your xHTML from your HTML5, best not to think about trying to do it yourself.  Keeping up with the dark art of making eshots render correctly across even a handful of common desktop and mobile platforms is a full time job best that’s left to specialists.

But since nearly half of all emails are now opened on smartphones, making your eshots mobile-friendly is pretty important.  The stats for a recent eshot we sent to motor boaters revealed that over 90% opened it with an iPhone. So if this is your target market, mobile-friendly eshots are not just desirable they’re essential.

But make sure your website is responsive as well, you don’t want an iPhone user clicking a link on your carefully constructed responsive email and being directed to a web page the size of a laptop screen.

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