Logo Design

A logo that’s instantly recognisable is the holy grail of marketing. Every time it’s seen, and recognised, the closer the affinity between the brand and the consumer.

Which makes it that much more likely the consumer will feel favourably about that brand when he’s in the market for whatever product it represents.

As to what makes an effective logo, there are as many different answers as there are product sectors. Certain rules of thumb can, however, be useful. Number one has to be uniqueness.

You don’t want your brand and all your marketing communications being taken for someone else’s. Simplicity is good, and certainly doesn’t have to mean it’s any less classy – just look at the minimalist logos of perfume brands. Fussy detail reduces the level of recall anyway.

Legibility is important, which may seem obvious, but you still see incomprehensible logos alarmingly often. Beyond that it’s a question of personality, character and to what extent the design has visual relevance to the product.

Lewmar’s chunky capitals convey engineering solidity. While Riva’s flourishing script says panache and freedom. Adding a symbol can be useful, particularly if you want something neat to badge the product with, like Mercedes’ three-pointed star or Nike’s tick – and if it’s distinctive enough to work alone without the brand name, as they do, so much the better.

A well-designed logo boosts awareness and instils confidence, both of which generate more business. So don’t skimp, use the best designer you can.

My award for most recognisable marine logo would probably go to International Paint and its red propeller.

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