Is Print Dead?

Digital media have transformed the marketing landscape.  With a website page, a Tweet or a Facebook post you can now send a marketing message to a worldwide audience in seconds.

For more precise targeting, an eshot does the job, either to your own database or someone else’s. Plus, you get all sorts of useful performance metrics including exactly who is looking at what.

There’s nothing you used to do in print that you can’t now do in digital.

Or is there? 

The content might be similar, the words and images may even be the same.  But the fact is that in this digital age a real birthday card or a letter in the post gets noticed, and read – more so, the fewer of them that people receive.

The same goes for a nicely produced brochure or customer magazine landing on a doormat.  They’re much more likely to be opened than an eshot.  And they’re certainly easier to browse, you can find the content that interests you more quickly than on any digital platform.

Sales of ebooks soared in recent years, but now they’re falling. Printed book sales are actually on the rise.

So it’s too early to write off print.  And for marketers, it could be that it’s actually become more effective now that there’s less of it around!