Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing or electronic direct mail (eDM) in the form of an eshot or email newsletter is now one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolkit.

Like all marketing communications, its effectiveness depends entirely on how well it’s done. 

Hopefully most marketeers now know that eDM requires rather more than a standard email with some images inserted into it (if in doubt, Google ‘html email coding’ and you’ll soon see why the tech bit is best left to techies!).

That aside, the next most important consideration is of course content.  And the best advice here is to treat it exactly like an Ad.

eDM should do all the things an Ad does: gain the recipient’s attention and interest, convince them of the benefits, and persuade them to make a decision and respond.

All the elements of a good Ad need to be there: a compelling offer, good graphic design, strong branding and a clear response mechanism.  If you can, using good professional creatives for the design and copywriting will increase the response several fold.

The significance of the Subject line cannot be overemphasised, it needs all the alluring cunning of a good Ad headline, anything less and your email won’t even get opened. ‘April Newsletter’ will be first in the Trash!

And be sure to include an option to unsubscribe. There’s nothing alienates an email recipient like being bombarded with stuff he doesn’t want.

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