Look for which BMF logo?

There inevitably comes a time when you begin to feel that some element of your marketing communications needs refreshing. It might be an advertising theme, the logo, the strapline, the website – you’ve been using it for some time and surely something that’s fresh will work better than something that isn’t.

Well, not necessarily. Depending on the circumstances, there is considerable evidence to the contrary. The more a marketing message is repeated, the more people will not only remember it but also believe it. Frequency breeds familiarity, and familiarity breeds trust. It can take years for a brand or marketing theme to connect with consumers, so patience does pay dividends.

To many people’s surprise, the British Marine Federation (BMF) has just changed not only its logo but also it’s brand name. It is now calling itself ‘British Marine’ (BM?) with a logo bearing a fluttering BA tailfin-style Union Jack and the strapline ‘Leading The Industry’.

There will no doubt be many views on the merits of the design, the strapline and discarding the word ‘Federation’, and only time will tell if it makes any significant difference.

But the bigger question is, having spent many thousands of pounds over the past year on a brand-recognition campaign encouraging consumers to ‘Look for the Logo’, is it really a good time for the BMF to change that logo? rp@cp-uk.com