Position and Strategy

What would you like your advertising and marketing communications to achieve?

OK, you want to persuade people to buy more product. But if you take a step back, a better question is; ‘in what way do I want this communication to influence the buyer’.

In the purchaser’s buying decision, there are numerous factors at play. There are the ‘head’ factors, such as awareness of a product’s existence, its features, its price and so on. They are largely objective factors, and it’s easy enough to communicate them.

And then there is the ‘heart’ factor, which is that all-important brand image. You can achieve only so much through telling your audience about the ‘head’ factors. Your product can be superior to its competitors in numerous ways, and better value, and yet the customer might still go elsewhere because he follows his heart.

Someone else’s brand is stronger, giving the buyer greater desire or more confidence in what is perhaps an inferior or dearer product. Brand image is not something to be left to chance.

Your marketing communications can influence it hugely. It’s well worth taking the time to clarify and define what brand image you feel will work best for you.

Steer clear of trying to be ‘all things to all men’ – that’s the cop-out option, and you invariably end up being not much to anyone.

Work the brand message into all your communications, at every opportunity. Who can ignore ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ or ‘The Real Thing? They are constantly at work, every time they appear, lifting their respective brands that little bit further above the ordinary.

And away from the harsh sales battleground where solely value-based products with weak brand images clamour for attention; a place where brand loyalty is as thin as homeopathic consommé.

Robin Petherbridge